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pronounced : [ new—lune]

(noun: the act of creating a new idea) 

- A name inspired by the moon, derived from la lune, french for moon.

- The combination of statistical research and creativity, in order to create a new idea.

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We thrive in the currency of new ideas.

Strategic consultancy for brands wanting to create new and better ways of being.


We help clients engage with consumers across retail and marketing to promote messages in line with wellbeing  and the environment. We are on a mission to help your business degrowth.

Nulune is a strategic advisory and trend intelligence service that combines scientific and poetic thinking in order to help brands and businesses inspire a better tomorrow by creating new ways of being and living.


Nulune takes social, cultural, behavioural and market insights and translate these into meaningful strategies for brands and businesses to ensure relevancy with their consumers and disruption for the future.


Trends Intelligence & Futurism

In a complex and fast-moving world, it's more important than ever to take foresight and translate these findings into insight that enable a brand to strategise how best to reach their target audience and share their brand mission.

Nulune thrives in the currency of ideas. By studying innovation in culture, brands and consumer behaviour, Nulune helps you establish nuances in your market so you can engage with brand successfully.

Understanding trends intelligence is crucial to enabling you to have a clear picture on how to create a brand strategy that will reach your target audience. 

Brand Strategy

Creating a brand strategy is establishing a plan to ensure the successful development of your business achieving specific goals and promoting your brand values. 


Yet in a post-covid 19 climate, we will be embarking upon a journey of degrowth and find ourselves amongst a market that must yield to human values - so how does your brand and business score in terms of emotional intelligence? 

Nulune can help you strategise to disrupt your market and engage with your consumers effectively across retail, marketing, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, food&drink and finance.




Creating great copy can enable you to develop a distinguished voice in your market place and bring your brand story to life. Through written blog content, to product naming and tagline creation, we can help you craft compelling copy for your business.

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Is your business ready to degrowth? //

In 1962, John F Kennedy addressed a nation, declaring that we choose to go to the moon. He summarised that this mission enabled humanity to set sail into a new sea where knowledge could be gained. He explained that this choice best measures our energies and our skills. It is a goal that mankind was unwilling to postpone, and one that they intended to win.


Now it is 2021, and quite quickly, we have set sail on a new and uncertain sea. Yet, for brands and humankind, our most immediate goal, one that we are unwilling to postpone is degrowth.

By definition, degrowth is to create a society and economy that enables the planet and humanity to flourish and to be sustained. 


Covid-19 has invited us to ask questions and we have arrived at a new canvas on how we wish to create and shape our world. We are in a position where it is imperative that we align business profits with the preservation of the wellbeing of the planet and humanity.


Brands have a huge part to play when creating this future, and Nulune's goal is to help brands create strategies that promote the wellbeing of society and enables the planet to thrive.

Now is a time for brands and businesses to redefine value and establish new brand strategy metrics:



Embrace human entrepreneurship:

Target an entrepreneurial opportunity that fosters a business model that protects the employees, consumers and wider society. How is mental and emotional wellbeing at the forefront of your brand/business strategy?


Devise holistic metrics for brand success:

Replacing GDP with goals for prioritising wellbeing and ecological health. Does your business have a WPI (wellness progress indicator) or an EPI (Environmental progress indicator)?


Prioritise long term planning: 

Place your brand purpose and strategy against a backdrop of at least half a century or longer. How do we imagine our society and life in 2050 and how does your brand help us get to that vision? 

Luminosity //

pronounced :[ loo-muh-nos-i-tee ]

(noun: the quality of being intellectually enlightened & inspired)


Discover Nulune's blog surrounding trends intelligence and thought leadership surrounding the future of brands and consumer culture.

We believe in the power of our network

Meet our oracles:

An oracle is a person who is considered to be wise and carries the capacity to give insightful advice and precognition of the future.


Ranging from entrepreneurs, to academics, writers, artists and psychologists, Nulune discusses future ideas with specialists in their fields.

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