• Alice Bodkin

Used Clothes Are In. Buying New Is Out.

Updated: Jun 22

Image source: displaycopyofficial September Issues in the fashion calendar have long been the holy grail. In fact, back in 2009, a documentary entitled ‘The September Issue’ was released, following Anna Wintour’s journey to create the month’s issue for Vogue. It was a tribute to the month’s significance within the industry.

However, fast forward to 2020, we find ourselves more concerned with October this year. Why? This month, Display Copy magazine made its debut on the 22nd. However, what is interesting about this magazine is that it will not feature any new clothes. It will only shoot, sell and style upcycled products, second hand items that have been preloved or thrifted and vintage designs. The goal is to make second-hand fashion the most sought after fashion trend and celebrate the longevity of clothing. The credits for the clothing featured in the magazine include Etsy, eBay and the Salvation Army. The launch included four print covers, featuring models Noah Carlos, Saskia De Brauw, Hélène Fillières and Paloma Elsesser and were shot by Daniel Jackson, Amy Troost, Andy Harrington and Mark Borthwick,

The magazine’s mission could not be more imminent, with more than 82 billion kilos of clothing being sent to landfill or burned on a yearly basis. Fashion’s waste problem has alarming consequences on the environment. The push for buying preloved signals a departure from years of buying new and signals a new era for the fashion industry and brands. Old is in. New is no longer cool. Upcycling and preowned is chic.

Pushing for reuse and resale reflects the rise of consumer demand to shop more sustainably and that circularity is set to become our new reality. Brands will inevitably need to embrace this change and find an equilibrium between ensuring sustainability whilst also catering to other consumer demands including efficacy, price, quality and aesthetics. As buying second-hand becomes more mainstream, and no longer a nice to have but a must-have, brands will need to strategise in order to establish their competitive advantage in this space. It’s an exciting turning point for the fashion industry, one that will be underpinned by creativity and will invite new artistic directions, just like Display Copy magazine.

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