Symbol of Progression

pronouced : [ new—lune]

(noun: the act of creating a new idea) 

- A name inspired by the moon, derived from la lune, french for moon.

- The combination of statistical research and creativity, in order to create a new idea.


Nulune was inspired by the following:

1. Lune - a poem made up of three lines that form a crescent shape syllable pattern. Creative thinking can enliven the richness of the world around us and new ideas are born in the human imagination.

2. Lune - mathematical theory for the concave-convex area bounded by two circular arcs. It is a crescent shape that sits on the outside of an existing body. Just like a new trend, waiting to tip into mainstream, innovation sits on the outside of society before widespread adoption.

The moon is the earth’s natural satellite and is known as the house of emotion and instincts. Emotions have never been more important. They are the connective glue that binds us together. This knowledge is intrinsic for brands to engage with their audiences and build a better future.


The moon is universally ubiquitous. It acts as a cultural mirror, reflecting insights and stories from around the world. These qualities resemble the skills required to forecast future trends.. Nulune is a study of innovation in culture and the changing motivations that drive human behaviour and how brands can respond to this to be relevant in the future.

House of Emotions &

A Cultural Mirror

Inspired by the magic of the moon


Why the Moon

In 1969, John F. Kennedy once addressed a nation, declaring that we choose to go to the moon. In this speech, he explained that this choice best measures our energies and skills. It was a goal that mankind was unwilling to postpone, and one that they intended to win.


He explained how this mission enabled humanity to set sail into a new sea where knowledge could be gained. This speech epitomises the zeal of entrepreneurs and creatives, all striving to make the world a better place with their ideas. Nulune's mission is to help brands and entrepreneurs who are seeking to make a positive difference in the world.



To work with like minded creatives, businesses and entrepreneurs who want to strategise to make the world a better place with their ideas.

Nulune is on a mission to help you degrowth.


Contributing Writers

Chloe Jagger

Chloe Jagger is a digital content creator specialising in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and sustainability. She has worked with a number of luxury fashion, beauty and FMGC brands, writing all copy across editorial, email and social media, specialising in brand social media strategy. 







Alice Bodkin


Alice is a Paris & London based brand strategist, copywriter and futurist who has five years experience working both for creative agencies and brands globally.

Following graduating in Fashion Communication and Promotion (BA hons), Alice began her career interning for Capsule Tradeshow in New York, working on shows in the US, Paris and Berlin, gaining insight into brand communication across fashion brands.

She then began working as a strategist for a global retail design agency, Sheridan&Co, where she worked with cross sector brands including wellness, food, fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle and travel sectors. Clients ranged from established department stores including Selfridges and Harrods, to emerging start ups.

Inquisitive about culture and consumerism, Alice seeks out new and forthcoming trends and uses these insights so that brands can better

connect with their audiences across retail, digital and other marketing platforms and prime themselves for long term success and growth.

Alice now freelances producing work for the following clients:, Araminta Marketing, Oleso, Four Goods, Fullstack, Forefront Media, Linear Investments and Velasquez and van Wezel.







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Holly Pigache

Holly has been writing about sex, dating and relationships for 8 years.  What started as an anonymous hobby whilst teaching 5-year-olds in the UK, has now become a full-time career. She’s passionate about reducing the stigma around sex and desire and blogs prolifically at Holly Field Writes. Holly is a scriptwriter for the audio-erotica and intimate wellness app, Emjoy, and writes weekly articles on her LinkedIn page on a host of topics: teaching, learning, the future of technology and business growth.